Supper Club-2.png

A  subscription of homestyle meals to feed your family. 


How does it work?

Every month you get to choose the meals you think your family will love from our rotating menu. We will bill you automatically and you can schedule the time that works best for you to pick up your dinners each week. 


Why Should I Join the Supper Club?

If you are ordering take home meals from Alabama Bliss, you already know how easy we make putting a hot dinner on the table. Supper Club somehow manages to make it even easier! You get as many dishes as you need on a regular schedule and we will even bring it out to your car!

Not only do you not have to think about making dinner at the end of your day, you don't have to spend hours deciding what to make, trying to find a recipe, going to the grocery store to stock up of food you probably won't end up making anyway! 

Our Supper Club is for real life and real families. Pick your menu for the week (or the month!) and then just pick it up!  

Copy of 3 Full Entrees3 SidesDessert or Quart of SaladGallon of Tea or Lemonade$94.99 plus tax per week-2.png

Joining the Supper Club is easy! First choose how often you want to pay and we will guide you through the rest! It only takes a couple of minutes.


Plus you get special pricing on additional take home meals...

Full Entrees for $16.99 (feeds 4-6) A $5.00 savings!

Half Entrees for $10.99 (feeds 2-4) A $4.00 savings!